Senior Citizens

  • “Shelter’s of Senior Citizens”

    In India, 60% of senior citizen elderly are either abandoned or live alone. People live with dignity for a lifetime and suddenly one day they have no choice but to beg for survival. The Peenzone Foundation is a senior citizen NGO trying to help the elderly and ensure that they are cared for in their old age. The purpose of the Peenzone Foundation is to provide peace to these elderly seniors in their last days. Peenzone Foundation seeks to provide shelter to seniors over the age of 55, free living facilities for poor seniors, and in addition to their basic amenities, including food and a separate bed, there are active medical staff to take care of them to do.
    Rs.100.00 donated of Rs.5,000,000.00 goal
  • Help Disaster Relief

    Peenzone Foundation tries to help those people in who have suffered extensive losses in any disaster.
    Rs.0.00 donated of Rs.400,000.00 goal